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Housekeeping RULES for EZ Obedience

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  • You MUST drive in and out of the property in a very slow manner (10 mph.) There are many cats and deer that live here as well as occasional grandchildren at play.  THIS IS A HARD RULE!

  • We rent the training building only, so please respect the property.  Do not wander around the buildings.  Any children must stay in the training room and not disrupt the class.  No smoking allowed anywhere on the premises.

  • Do not park in front of the doors to the outbuilding or back up to the buildings.

  • Potty your dogs before class and for puppies at least once again during class.

  • Potty area for the dogs is to the west/right side of the building.  Please clean up after your dog.  Bring a poop bag or use one provided in the training building.  DO NOT let your dog pee on or near the building.

  • Please wipe your shoes on the rugs when entering the building and again when entering the ring in order to keep the small rocs and gravel from getting on the mats where they can cause damage.  In the winter when there is snow and salt outside, please bring an extra dry pair of shoes ot change into for use while in the training area.  This would also apply in the spring when there is mud outside in the parking area.

  • In the event of cancellations becasue of weather conditions, you will be notificed by text or phone call.  Please provide a phone number where you can be reached.  The class will be make up at the end of the scheduled session.  I would also appreciate a message if you know you are going to miss a class.

  • Questions, pleas call me. Char Gatz 612-203-7829

Click HERE to see policy document​​

18724 Vale Ave
Hutchinson, MN 55350
Training:  (612) 203-7829
Boarding: (320)583-0985
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