We provide a comfortable and safe environment for your pet

while you are traveling!

We are open by appointment and will work with you

for Drop-off and Pick Up as we are On Site.



EZ Obedience & Boarding is located west of Hutchinson on State Hwy #7, from the Super America Station proceed 1-1/2 miles west, take a left on County Rd. #115, it will be 3/4 of a mile and EZ is the first house on the left.

Please Complete the two following Forms:

    1.   EZ Boarding Registration (click for PDF)

    2.   EZ Boarding Contract (click for PDF)

              Mail to:   Mary Witte
                               18724 Vale Ave
                               Hutchinson, MN 55350

                                                       For more information call (320) 583-0985

$19.55 plus/tax One night stay
$14.40 plus/tax, 2nd dog in same kennel/night
$16.45 plus/tax day stay

      $1.00 charge/day/dog for medication.
      5% discount of a stay of 7 days or more
      $5.00 coupon on 2 day stay/1 per family/month
      Free day after 17 day stay 
Proof of Vaccinations required: (Verified by your Vet)
     DHPP, Rabies and Bordetella
Vaccinations need to be currant at least 10 days prior to your dogs visit.
                                            NO EXCEPTIONS
Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (Drop off’s & Pick up’s by appointment)
Saturday and Sunday (by appointment only)
$15 Late charge for Pick ups
 - Enough food for your pet’s stay, plus a little extra in case you are delayed returning.
 - Favorite bedding, treats and toys. The familiar scent will help make your pet feel more at home. Some pets will chew their bedding and/or toys. (We are not responsible for any damage done to these.)
-Medications/supplements and dosage. (For convenience and accuracy please separate pills into daily doses and include the container.)                     FACILITY
Each pet has his own 5’x 8” Kennel - Owner is on site and provides your pet with individual, special attention.  We give fresh water with every meal and we will feed your pet, morning, noon or night - depending on your instructions. Climate Controlled (Air Conditioning / Heated Kennels)

Pets taken out 3 times/day - Blankets  - Biscuits - Cots @  additional charge and s
tainless steel food & water dishes.
              New clients must come for a “meet and greet” before their stay.
                  We reserve the right to deny boarding to an unhealthy pet.
                  Aggressive dogs will be sent home.

You supply your own dog food, but please bring only enough for your dog's stay. For a weekend stay, a 40# bag of dog food is not needed. You may also bring a bed, 1 or 2 favorite toys, treats, or whatever makes your dog comfortable at his home away from home! We have dog treats for purchase at the Training Center.

Contact Us:
18724 Vale Ave
Hutchinson, MN 55350
(612) 203-7829